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Welcome to our very special #NTTPartnerChallenge themed edition, and I hope it helps and motivates you in your preparations for the big weekend ahead!

We are extremely excited to use this opportunity to connect with all of you. This is a completely unique event, and the buzz within our rider and staff group has been escalating all week.

It’s going to be a huge amount of fun - and I hope that you are ready to run, swim, and cycle.

May the best team win! 😊


Doug Ryder


Ready, set- go! Which team will emerge victorious from our NTT Partner Challenge?

Even if you are not part of the part of the challenge, you can follow the action through the event hashtag: #NTTPartnerChallenge and the team hashtags.

Good Luck from Qhubeka

Qhubeka and their mission to change lives with bicycles continues to inspire and move us a team! You can still make your donation to Qhubeka by clicking here.

Welcome to Lucca! 🇮🇹

We are so excited to welcome to Henok Mulubrhan (Eritrea), Natnael Tesfatsion (Eritrea) and Negasi Abreha (Ethiopia) to Lucca! All three riders have been in their respective countries during the COVID-19 pandemic but have now joined up with our Continental team in Italy. They are looking forward to racing and taking part in the #NTTPartnerChallenge!

Make your own rice cakes 🍚 🍰

Gunther Landrie, our head carer, shows you how to make rice cakes (the staple race food for our riders). You can also find more videos on how to prepare like a pro here.


Our head chef, Bram Lippens, gives us his best recipe for carbo-loading. Bon Appetit!

Download Recipe

data sets

Over 700 participants in our #NTTPartnerChallenge
Number of teams signed up for the #NTTPartnerChallenge
Maximum speed (km/h)
Max Speed of one rider:
101.5Km/h (zoooooom💨)
distance (kms)
The total distance each team will have to complete as part of the #NTTPartnerChallenge  
(the distance of the 2020 TdF)
Hours of training completed by our riders (17 June- 24 June)
distance (kms)
Longest ride completed
by Michael Gogl

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