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At its heart sport is about movement:
Movement through the air, through water.  
Movement from one place to another.  
Movement through time.
In sport we move  
In groups,
And sometimes we move alone.
Blood moves oxygen. Muscles move limbs.  
Pedals, cranks move chains and gears and cogs.
Wheels move.  
They move us as much as we move them.
Forward, upward, downward. Onward.  
From A to B
B to C.  
From Grand Depart to the Arc de Triomphe, Paris to Roubaix, Milan to San Remo.  
From home to school.
From home to the workplace.

At NTT Pro Cycling we move to move others, we race to mobilise people in Africa. This is our purpose. It has always been our purpose.To move people. This inspires us. Gives us breath. Makes our hearts beat to a different pulse.

This moves us. Even when we cannot race, cannot be on the roads and in the mountains. Even when we cannot move, we are still moved.

Be moved.

NTT Pro Cycling moved by Qhubeka

29 riders, around the world. We are all in this together. #Covid19

This is what Samuele Battistella, u23 World Champion, gets up to while in quarantine.

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data sets

Zwift ride hours completed by our riders this week
rainbow messages
Rainbow messages sent in the last week
Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water
Kms Trained
Completed by our riders in the last  week
Rainbow Conference calls
Total conference calls in the last week
Happy birthday
6 Gunther Landrie
8 Peter Nielsen
12 Ciaran O’Grady
13 Lars Michaelsen
16 Gino van Oudenhove
18 Jesus Hernandez Garcia
19 Kevin Campbell
22 Ben King
22 Enrico Gasparotto

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